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5 Reasons You Need to Drop What You Are Doing and Follow Your Dreams

What do you feel when you see one of those ‘Follow Your Dreams’ signs? You know the one– it's hung up in your Aunt’s kitchen, taped up in poster form on your academic advisor's wall, or sits untouched on the shelf at HomeGoods. I’ve heard the phrase so often over the course of my life that it’s hard for me to attach any sort of real meaning to the three words.

And hey – NO hate to the classic ‘Follow Your Dreams’ sign. That guy can really tie together a room’s aesthetic.

Now of course, I have always had dreams. But I don’t know if I actually ever believed that I would pursue them. I don’t know if I ever truly intended to prioritize my lofty, think-about-them-as you-fall-asleep-at-night dreams above my more realistic ambitions. Half the time, if someone asked about my aspirations, I wouldn’t commit to a real answer because I was worried about letting someone in on a dream that I might never try to accomplish.

That was until I decided to.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a ‘Follow Your Dreams’ sign that made me decide to abruptly quit my office job and pivot my entire life, it was many other factors that probably deserve a blog post of their own. Nonetheless, I feel grateful that I finally took a leap of faith. While I’m still in the honeymoon phase of leaving my corporate job to start a new, exciting chapter of my life, I have decided to fully commit to creating a life where I relentlessly chase the dreams that make me too excited to sleep at night.

So, if you’re reading this – this is your sign to find your passion and pursue it! And if you can look around and truly feel like you are living your dream, then hey, I am proud of you.

Here are 5 reasons you need to drop what you are doing and get after your dream.

1) If Not Now, When?

There will always be the theoretical tomorrow.

While I highly support waiting until tomorrow to wash the dishes, don’t wait until some hypothetical tomorrow to start inching towards your goals.

Apply for the job.

Start the business plan.

Take the trip.

2) Daily Fulfillment

For the larger part of society, we will have to work and diligently save to retire by 65. If you know you are going to spend that much of your life in the workforce, don’t you want to be doing something that kindles your spirit?

Maybe your passion is tied into a profession or maybe it’s something that is achieved outside of work hours. Whatever it is – find a way to incorporate it into your daily life as a force of encouragement and excitement.

3) Find Your Community

Finding friends and a like-minded community can be difficult, especially as many jobs become remote positions. Following your dream will not only satiate your adventurous side, it will surround you with people who have the same interests as you.

4) Challenge Yourself

When I was 14 years old and testing for my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, I had to memorize “It Is Not the Critic Who Counts” by Theodore Roosevelt. Ever since, the quote has had a special place in my heart. While the anonymity of being a spectator in the stands of someone else’s arena can feel comforting and safe, there is something invigorating about stepping into the arena and staring a challenge in the face. Like Roosevelt says:

“The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena”

5) It Might Lead You Somewhere Beautiful

Change can be scary. When things change it can go one of two ways… it can get better or it can get worse. There are many circumstances in which the risk outweighs the potential gain, but for your lifelong dream? You have to risk it. You have to take that leap of faith!


My name is Marina and I’ve started The Caffeinated Keyboard as the first step of my pursuit of my dream life. I hope to offer a glimpse into my journey and provide encouragement and motivation for other dreamers out there.

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